Jackie Beems: The Untold Story of Ric Flair’s Ex-Wife

Jackie Beems, also known as Jacqueline Bains Beems, holds the unique distinction of being the ex-wife of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Of American nationality and belonging to the white ethnic group, her life took a turn following her highly publicized marriage and subsequent divorce from the wrestling legend.

Since parting ways with Ric Flair, Jackie Beems has maintained a low profile, deliberately avoiding the public eye and the news spotlight. This decision underscores her desire to reclaim a sense of normalcy after her divorce, intriguing fans and observers alike.

Jackie Beems: Life Before and After Ric Flair

Jackie Beems, initially unfamiliar with the wrestling world, encountered Ric Flair in a Chicago steakhouse bar in 2004. As she became his spouse, this meeting began a significant chapter in her life. Despite her initial lack of wrestling knowledge, Flair found her unawareness appealing, contributing to their connection.

Their marriage commenced in 2009, but by the end of 2012, Beems had filed for divorce. During their relationship, especially towards its conclusion in 2010, Beems reportedly exhibited “violent, unpredictable behavior,” which might have strained their relationship further. After their separation, Jackie was ordered to receive $4,000 a month in spousal support, highlighting the financial agreements that followed their legal separation.

Post-divorce, Jackie Beems maintained a low profile, distancing herself from the public eye and the media spotlight that once shone on her due to her association with Flair. This decision reflects her desire to seek a quieter, more private life away from the glare of public scrutiny that her relationship with a public figure had previously brought.

The Marriage with Ric Flair: Highs and Lows

Jackie Beems and Ric Flair’s marriage lasted from 2009 to 2012 and was fraught with public disputes and legal troubles. The couple met in 2004, and despite Beems’s initial unfamiliarity with the wrestling world, they married five years later. Their relationship, however, soon turned tumultuous. In 2010, Beems was arrested for allegedly attacking Flair, leaving him bloodied and bruised, though the charges were later dropped due to a lack of evidence. This incident was one of several that highlighted the volatile nature of their union.

Accusations from both parties further marred the marriage. Beems accused Flair of having multiple extramarital affairs, which contributed to the strain on their marriage. In contrast, Flair’s legal representatives accused Beems of marital misconduct and domestic violence. These accusations culminated in a series of legal battles that were highly publicized, adding to the media scrutiny surrounding their relationship.

Financial disputes also played a significant role in their divorce proceedings. Beems was initially ordered to pay spousal support to Flair, but she faced arrest for failing to make these payments. Additionally, Flair was accused of not fulfilling his financial obligations towards Beems, including alimony and legal costs, which were supposedly agreed upon in their separation agreement. These economic and personal disputes underscored the complexities and challenges of their high-profile marriage.

Public Perception and Media Spotlight

The media spotlight intensified on Jackie Beems following her legal entanglements, which included an arrest for allegedly making harassing phone calls to Ric Flair’s new girlfriend, Wendy Barlow. In June, an arrest warrant was issued, citing that Beems had threatened and harassed Barlow with several phone calls the previous October. This incident was reported widely, casting Beems in a controversial light amid her high-profile association with Ric Flair.

Ric Flair’s challenges with the media have been well-documented, particularly concerning the scrutiny over his son’s substance abuse issues. Flair has openly criticized the Charlotte media for their intense focus on his family’s struggles, attributing some of the blame to himself for possibly exposing his son to an unhealthy lifestyle. 

This scrutiny extends to how the media has portrayed Beems, often focusing on her legal issues and her tumultuous relationship with Flair rather than her attempts to move on from the public eye.

Despite these challenges, Beems was expected to be released shortly after her arrest with no court date, indicating a possible de-escalation of her legal troubles. However, the continuous media coverage has ensured that public perception remains varied, with many viewing her through her past actions and her association with the wrestling legend.

Jackie Beems’s Life Today

Jackie Beems deliberately maintained a low profile following her high-profile marriage and subsequent separation from Ric Flair. Her decision to step away from the limelight reflects a clear intention to seek a quieter, more private existence. This shift starkly contrasts the media frenzy that often surrounded her during and immediately after her marriage. By distancing herself from public attention, Beems has effectively minimized her presence in the news, focusing instead on personal recovery and rebuilding her life away from the public eye.


The saga of Jackie Beems and Ric Flair, marked by its public controversies and private struggles, encapsulates a larger narrative of personal transformation and the quest for normalcy post-celebrity association. Throughout the ups and downs of their marriage, legal entanglements, and the intense media scrutiny that followed, Beems has emerged with a precise determination to reclaim her life from the public eye. Her journey underscores the personal cost of public life and the resilience required to step back from it and find peace.


How many times has Ric Flair been married?

    Ric Flair has had multiple marriages throughout his life.

    What caused the death of Reid Flair, Ric Flair’s son?

      Reid Flair passed away at the age of 25. His death on June 14, 2013, was due to a drug overdose involving heroin and traces of the prescription tranquilizers clonazepam and alprazolam, as revealed by his autopsy.

      What is the current status of Ric Flair’s marriage?

        As of January 2022, Ric Flair and his wife, Wendy Barlow, announced their decision to separate and live independently on social media. Furthermore, Barlow disclosed in an interview that their marriage in Florida was never legally formalized, as they never applied for a marriage certificate.

        Who was responsible for ending Ric Flair’s wrestling career?

          Ric Flair’s illustrious wrestling career came to an end at WrestleMania 24. Despite surviving several “career-threatening” matches against notable wrestlers like Randy Orton, Triple H, and William Regal, Shawn Michaels concluded Flair’s career. Michaels, expressing his regret with the words “I’m sorry, I love you,” delivered the Sweet Chin Music move that officially ended Flair’s time in the ring.

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